Saturday, January 23, 2010

Marie's Soap Box - Bad Drivers!

So I was driving home tonight and came across some bad driving... I just don't understand why you have to go so fast when you are already allowed to go 70 mph on the highway. I come from California, where the chances of seeing 70 mph on the highway is not often. So why is it important for you to speed up behind someone, just to pass them, then get right back in front of them to speed off.... This is not the autobahn where you can go as fast as you please. Another thing, use your damn blinker!!! It's not that hard, it's sticking out of your steering wheel for a reason! C'mon people, use your brain and drive safely!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Banks suck...

So my account was just fine, until wednesday morning and something else messed it up, so basically I'm getting a new account with a new bank that actually provides you with alerts to let you know when you're spending too much so yea my wednesday was stressful. Hopefully today (thursday) will be better and I can get stuff done.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Almost my friday....

Well it is almost my Friday, yep Tuesday will be my Friday, and then I'm off for two whole days in a row... I know unbelievable.... go figured Walmart would be so kind.... haha.. So I plan to clean my room and then try to finish one of the many books I have piled up to read. I think I'll start with Shades of Midnight, then move on to my YA books that I've checked out. I'll even do reviews on all of them, must cater to all those that follow me now.. :) I'm so excited to have 19 followers, so cool.

So I've decided to take my "Cold Case" characters to the RP section of Lara Adrians fan page. I'm hoping that by doing this I can jump start my creativity and unblock my mind. I'm stuck and can't seem to get myself out of it, and my YA book needs more research and development before writing, so hopefully by RPing the story again I can get back into the grove. Plus I know people will enjoy the story. I just want to finish this book before the end of the year.

Friday, January 15, 2010

A fine night out...

So I went out last night with a bunch of my friends, and had a BLAST! The consequences are.... my knees are hurting something but I had a super super good time. Here's a couple photos from that night....

Thursday, January 14, 2010


So I went to the library today and got myself a library card. I also checked out several YA books to read. From what I've read and been told, I need to read YA books so that I can get a feel for that genre. Seeing as I'm going to write my own YA book I need to know exactly what I'm getting myself into.

Well that's it for now, hope everyone's Thursday is going well, ttyl...

Another day....

Today was another day where I had little time to do anything productive online, and didn't have much time for reading. Had to work, so that cuts into things, and well slept too late this morning, so didn't have day time to do anything, but after getting home I did accomplish some things, like create sexy welcome buttons for the RP section of Lara Adrian's fan forum..... and they are sexy.... well I'm off to bed now, but I'm off work the next to days, so expect some progress in something in that time.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Off to bed..

Alright, I am off to bed, trying to keep myself from sitting at this computer till all hours of the night. So I'm going to head to the warmth of my bed and open up Shades of Midnight and see what trouble Kade is going to get into. Keep your eyes open for my review....


Lazy Day...

So it's a lazy day...I was going to get up earlier in the morning after napping a little but I found myself not getting out of bed until 12:30pm..... so now I sit at my computer trying to figure out what I want to do. I know there are things around the house I need to get done, and I have to pick up my roommates children around 4pm from their daycare...but until then, what to do..... I don't want to go and read, cause that will just take up more time. Plus I like reading in bed....I could work on one of my books, research for the YA book, or try to write some more on Cold Case....ugh I hate not having a complete direction on where I want to go in doing something productive....



found the perfect template for my blog. I was never satisfied with the layout, but now it's perfect....just took me like an hour and a half to update it with all my damn widgets that don't save when you upload a new template...haha.... well it's late....way late..... so I'm off to bed.... cya'll when I get up.


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Monday, January 11, 2010

Just a few recognitions....

I just wanted to say thanks to Larissa from Welcome to Larissa's Life, ever since I found her blog I've been hooked, and have been able to find other fantastic blogs on the web.

Thanks a bunch Larissa for your fun times and cool blogs.

Shades of Midnight by Lara Adrian

Picked up my copy last night, luckily I was privi to reading the prolouge via Lara's newsletter, so I was able to skip that part, so now onward and into the depths of Kade....ooooo *rubs hands together* can't wait to see what dasty deeds they get into.... *spins* .... catch when I'm done for my on review..... *blows a kiss* Caio!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Black Trillium: Book Review

Ruwenda is a pleasant, peaceful land-but the magic of its guardian, the Archimage Binah, is waning. Binah must pass along her protectorship to the triplet princess of Ruwenda. She bestows upon the infant girls the power of the rare and mystical Black Trillium badge of royal house, symbol of an ancient magic. While the sisters blossom into beautiful young women, neighboring Labornok use a dark magician to sunder Binah's protection. As invaders pour into Ruwenda, the Archimage orders the princesses to fee- and charges them to search for three magical talismans which when brought together will be their only chance to regain their kingdom and free its people. Each must accomplish her tasks separately and to succeed, each must also confront and conquer the limits of her own soul.

So I started reading this book a couple years ago, then moved to Texas and now I'm trying to read books that I've started and never finished to pave the way for more books. Well I'm almost done with it and I have to say that Marion Zimmer Bradley, and those that collaborated in this book, are fantastic fantasy writers. The first book I ever read of Marion Zimmer Bradley was Firebrand (I'll do a review of that later)..and I fell in love with her ever since. Since Firebrand I've read The Mists of Avalon and recently purchased The Forest House and The Lady Of Avalon. The Black Trillium is a wonderful piece of fantasy. It takes you through a mystical world of strange creatures and lustrous wilderness to the tops of cold mountains and into the heart of the darkness, bringing you back out safe and feeling complete. I can't wait to find Blood Trillium and Golden Trillium to complete my series and the finally close the story on the three sisters of the black trillium.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lara Adrians Ashes of Midnight

Yea so I finally picked it up. I was going to wait and read my roommates copy, but I know that she takes very good care of the spines and well, I do too, but I like to bend mine more than she likes to. So seeing as Lara's next in her Breed Series, Shades of Midnight, has come out, I felt that I needed to just buy it and read it. I am halfway, and well OMG it's great, I swear my imagination and dreams are now filled with hot Breed men........if Lara ever gets an offer for her series to be movies or on tv...I know I will just die.....and well I'll have dirty sheets every night...haha....

Y.A. Project

So I'm continuing on with my Young Adult project, with the help of my roomie Strohs, I've been given more incite as to what I should be doing for each book. I've made much progress, but have realized that I'm still in the research stage and not so much the writing stage.

I've decided to base the books in Dallas, Texas, and I've decided not to go with Air as my first book. With Strohs brainstorming, she brought to light that I didn't have any minor antagonists, nor did I narrow down my main antagonist. Let's just say that the ideas flew once they got going. She also informed me that with YA I'm better off having very short time lines, so I think that all my books in this series are going to spawn over no more than two months... maybe three.

We shall see, I am very positive with this series, but I think that since I am in the research stages still, I shall try to get back to Cold Case and get that one going, seeing as I am 13 chapters into it. They do say that most of the time your first book isn't the one that gets published first, so I'd hate to rush the YA books and not see them published, I'd rather try to publish Cold Case first and then see YA on the shelf. Cross your fingers for me.

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