Saturday, January 9, 2010

Black Trillium: Book Review

Ruwenda is a pleasant, peaceful land-but the magic of its guardian, the Archimage Binah, is waning. Binah must pass along her protectorship to the triplet princess of Ruwenda. She bestows upon the infant girls the power of the rare and mystical Black Trillium badge of royal house, symbol of an ancient magic. While the sisters blossom into beautiful young women, neighboring Labornok use a dark magician to sunder Binah's protection. As invaders pour into Ruwenda, the Archimage orders the princesses to fee- and charges them to search for three magical talismans which when brought together will be their only chance to regain their kingdom and free its people. Each must accomplish her tasks separately and to succeed, each must also confront and conquer the limits of her own soul.

So I started reading this book a couple years ago, then moved to Texas and now I'm trying to read books that I've started and never finished to pave the way for more books. Well I'm almost done with it and I have to say that Marion Zimmer Bradley, and those that collaborated in this book, are fantastic fantasy writers. The first book I ever read of Marion Zimmer Bradley was Firebrand (I'll do a review of that later)..and I fell in love with her ever since. Since Firebrand I've read The Mists of Avalon and recently purchased The Forest House and The Lady Of Avalon. The Black Trillium is a wonderful piece of fantasy. It takes you through a mystical world of strange creatures and lustrous wilderness to the tops of cold mountains and into the heart of the darkness, bringing you back out safe and feeling complete. I can't wait to find Blood Trillium and Golden Trillium to complete my series and the finally close the story on the three sisters of the black trillium.


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