Book Review Policy

The books I review at Cali Girl in Texas come from my own growing library, as well as from various publishers, publicists and authors.  I review books from every service of publishing.
  • I do not guarantee that I will review every book I accept, although I will make every effort to post a review.  
  • I do not review every book I read, but I do personally read every book I review.
  • I do accept ebooks.  I use a Kindle ereader.  I will accept .PDF files, as long as they are convertible.
  • As to date, I am the exclusive book reviewer at Cali Girl in Texas.
  • I do not guarantee that I will provide reviews on a particular timetable, unless we have discussed the timetable in advance.
  • I certainly don’t guarantee a flattering (i.e. 5 star) review; my reviews will always be my honest opinion.
  • On the end, if I can't honestly recommend the book or (DNF) do not finish, I usually do not post a comment.  It must be a 2 star or higher book for me to comment or review.
  • I do not send a finished review to author or publisher prior to posting.  If there is a technical error, please notify me via email and I will promptly correct.  However, I will not change any aspect of the review for any other reason.
  • Only expect an email if I am accepting or considering your book for review. No other notifications or detailed emails will be sent concerning 'unaccepted' submissions.  This is a time and volume issue.
  • I am always willing to consider promotions, events and giveaways.  Please feel free to contact me with details about your promotion.  Additional copies of books for giveaways are always appreciated.
  • Any books accepted for review are for promotional purposes only and should not be considered as income.
  • Print books accepted for review will not be returned and may be given away on this website.
  • I do my best to use cover art, author photos, etc., in good faith.  Any copyrighted material will be removed upon request.
If you have a book you believe I would be interested in, please feel free to contact me by email.  I am always eager to hear about new books!

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