Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Y.A. Project

So I'm continuing on with my Young Adult project, with the help of my roomie Strohs, I've been given more incite as to what I should be doing for each book. I've made much progress, but have realized that I'm still in the research stage and not so much the writing stage.

I've decided to base the books in Dallas, Texas, and I've decided not to go with Air as my first book. With Strohs brainstorming, she brought to light that I didn't have any minor antagonists, nor did I narrow down my main antagonist. Let's just say that the ideas flew once they got going. She also informed me that with YA I'm better off having very short time lines, so I think that all my books in this series are going to spawn over no more than two months... maybe three.

We shall see, I am very positive with this series, but I think that since I am in the research stages still, I shall try to get back to Cold Case and get that one going, seeing as I am 13 chapters into it. They do say that most of the time your first book isn't the one that gets published first, so I'd hate to rush the YA books and not see them published, I'd rather try to publish Cold Case first and then see YA on the shelf. Cross your fingers for me.


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