Saturday, February 7, 2009

Good times..

Yea so we get home, me and Strohs, she decided to come and see me at work just before I got off. So around midnight she gets a call saying that so and so....won't name names... is buying drinks and we shoudl come wadda we do, we go..... OF COURSE.... I mean who would give up FREE drinks!! Yea so I'm drunk.... Hey my typing is pretty good considering..... haha...


DarkHelmet said...

Is your friend's name a nickname, or real? because there used to be a beer by that name, and now with all this lecherous wanton drinking, I have to wonder if your honor is being upheld..not:)

Drunken lady hawtness, always fun to watch:)

Malie Rae said...

lol that's her real name, yes she was named after beer.

DarkHelmet said...

wow...that's just....awesome! :)

So you miss CA yet?:P

Malie Rae said...

No not really, with all the taxes going up and other stuff freezing and all that, I'm glad I moved.

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