Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Loki and his weird drinking habits....

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Christmas Candy!!!

It's just as bad as Halloween Candy, except it's for Christmas. I had the pleasure of spending the first 5 hours of my shift trying to put out three pallets of Christmas candy, what is Christmas candy you may ask, well it's all that crap you buy for people on Christmas.....Ferror Roche (or however you spell it), candy canes, M&Ms in Christmas colors....blah blah blah.....and for some reason the people at my job think that we should be able to put it all out in the middle of November! Hello people.....customers are not buying that shit yet, they still have to get through Thanksgiving! Do you see any Thanksgiving candy? No! Because wally world doesn't give to shits from Santa about Thanksgiving, cause there is no money in it.....arg.....I love Christmas, I just hate the ridiculous expectations regarding retail and the holidays.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Yes it's November and at work all that I see is Christmas. I love Christmas, but where is Thanksgiving? I'll tell you where it is, on an end cap as you walk down the clearance halloween isle....but it's not called Thanksgiving, it's called fall or's like we go from Halloween, a brief stint in Thanksgiving/Harvest town and straight on to Christmas. Thanksgiving is just as important as Halloween...I mean there is Black Friday...c'mon it's the biggest shopping day of the year.. as Paul Blart: Mall Cop will tell you. I love Thanksgiving, the turkey, the stuffing, the mash potatoes...some of you like that sweet potatoes, the bean cassarol and the beats....not's all about the turkey, mash and stuffing smothered in gravey and topped off with a bun or two. That's what I look forward to. I do wish I could spend it with all my family, but seeing as I decided to move away, I will enjoy it with my friend and roommate, and it will be almost like I'm back home. Maybe next year I can come for the holidays..we shall see. I'd take my vacation in December but it's too I doubt wally world would fathom the idea of letting me off for a week during xmas. Hopefully I won't be at wally world next year around this time, but we shall see.

Love you all!!!

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