Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A new guy..

So I met this guy at work, his name is Blaine. He's an older guy, but not a lot older, and he's sweet. He's kind to me, says I'm beautiful and is very attentive. We have a lot in common, which is funny seeing as the age difference sets us at least a decade apart, I blame it on my father. He was the one who got me to love 70s and 80s music.

So we went out this past Saturday and saw the new James Bond movie, then had dinner. It was great, I really like him, he really likes me. I'm going to see him again this weekend, I really hope that this one isn't a dude like the others. Maybe the age difference is what mattered. Maybe I was never meant to be with someone my own age. Who knows, all I can say is that I'm happy, and it's not a false happiness like it was with the others, it's genuine and I know it's real.


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