Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Crappy Texas Weather...

So I have to vent, cause I was so friggen stressed the entire time I was leaving work tonight. Ok, so yes I'm a Cali girl, and I've never experienced weather below 35, nor have I ever had to worry about whether or not my friggen truck was going to freeze....so what does it do tonight, GET TO 25 DEGREES!!! So I'm trippin' about the damn ice on the road, and if my truck is going to die on me, and then I get gas and find out that my tires had only 20 PSI IN THEM!!! So I was kickin' myself in the arse for that one. I should have never let them get that low. So I was able to fill two of my tires to 38 PSI, when the bloody air hose FROZE!!!! Can you believe that shite, it froze....so now my front two tires have 38 PSI and my back two for all I know only have 20 PSI because my dumb ass.....well anyway....I hate Texas weather and I've only been here two months.....Plus I have to learn about what to do with my truck to keep it from freezing or dieing on me, cause I sure as hell can't afford to fix the damn thing......ugh......sigh.....ok I'm done......haha....


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