Saturday, June 16, 2012

Writing and life...

So about a week ago I decided that my health is more of a priority now than ever before, and with the knowledge of my true and current weight, it's even more at the forefront of what I need to do. I've decided that I need to go through weight loss surgery to assist in preventive measures to all the health risks that I face. But seeing as the goal is to max out my insurance prior to having to do any of the major expensive things, I'm probably going to have to wait until the first of the year to actually see a specialist, until then, I'm going to do the best I can to get motivated and into a routine so that when the time comes, I'm already at the point of no return.

On another note, I've got my book (Cold Case) organized in the WriteWayPro system that I downloaded the demo for. Will most likely purchase the full thing, but for now the demo is enough.. hopefully this will assist me in my goal of completely my manuscript by the end of the year.. fingers crossed...


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