Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Review: Pandora's Succession by Russell Brooks (e-book)

  • Pub. Date: November 2010
  • Publisher: Signe Nichols
  • Format: NOOKbook (eBook)
  • Sales Rank: 375,566
  • File Size: 351 KB
  • Available only in the U.S.


Where would you hide if you learned the CDC and a major pharmaceutical company unleashed a hyperdeadly microbe on them on race?

CIA operative, Ridley Fox, never stopped hunting his fiancee's killers-a weapons consortium called The Arms of Ares. When an informant leads him to an old bunker outside of Groznyy, Chechnya, Fox is captured, beaten, and left for dead. When the informant rescues him, Fox learns that his capture was no coincidence: someone had set him up-possibly another government agent. Fox barely escapes after learning that Ares has acquired a hyperdeadly microbe - called Pandora - that is believed to have wiped out ancient civilizations. The trail leads Fox to Tokyo where he discovers that people within the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Japanese Intelligence want Pandora for themselves. The only person Fox can trust is a woman from his past who he nearly got killed.

I was pleased to be asked to review this e-book, seeing as doing reviews is something that I've been wanting to do. I give credit to Russell Brooks for drawing in the reader from the very beginning, it's nice to start a book and not have to wait several chapters before the action starts. I have always been into action and adventure books, and this one fueled my love for all of that, as well as included some education on military and weapons.

When I read a book, my imagination goes wild, and this book, with it's details and writing that flowed easily, helped my mind see what I was reading as if in a movie, the plot was fantastic and the ending was amazing, closing the book so that I didn't feel like I needed something else. It made that story close but still left it open to have more adventures with Ridley Fox and his cohorts.


Russell Brooks said...

Thanks for the review, Marie.

Just to let everyone know, in addition to Pandora's Succession being available through www.BarnesandNoble.com, it's also available through:


Soon to come,

Google Bookstore
and others will be announced through my website, russellparkway.com.

Firebird eBooks said...

Pandora's Succession is truly a GREAT read! We were fortunate enough to have Russell's book come through our company for conversion to an ebook and as you can imagine, we see a lot of books and there are only a few we actually read - Pandora's Succession was one of them.

Great book Russell. Truly.

Signe Nichols
Firebird eBooks.com

Marie Francis said...

It was my pleasure Russell, can't wait for your next book.

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