Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall Giveaways

So I'm on a blog following kick, my friend Paige Maddison is apart of this fall giveaway with tons of other blogs, and well I'm doing my part by going and following all of them there blogs, so please if I've followed you, please follow me....and go here to Paige's blog and enter in on her giveaway contest...



Jennifer Lane said...

Hi Marie, thank you for following my blog! I love the Shelfari bookshelf at the bottom of your page. I've tried twice to put a shelf on my blog but when I do, there's only text saying "Shelfari Reviews" or something like that and no shelf. Any suggestions?

Paige Maddison said...

Thanks Marie! I hope that you enjoy entering all the give aways! There are lots of good blogs out there and offering something different to their readers!


Marie Francis said...

Hey Jennifer,

I create a Widget on Shelfari, and chose the show all option, then go through the steps of creating the widget, now I don't know how your site works, but on blogger, you create a new widget and chose html and paste the code in there, then click I'm not sure why yours does not work.

Thanks Paige, you are awesome!!

Jennifer Lane said...

Thank you, Marie--I finally figured it out and am now proudly displaying my shelf. It worked better when I copied and pasted the code myself rather than letting shelfari import the code to my blog.

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