Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nabbed me a shoplifter....

So within an hour of clocking in tonight, I notice a lady in the self checkout that isn't scanning everything that she's putting in her bags. Almost hyperventilating I have them call the assets protection guy and I go back to my "post". I stop the woman and ask for her receipt, well there were only two items on the receipt but at least half a dozen in plastic bags. I ask her about them and she goes into this shpeal that they were items that she was going to return, but she had no receipt for them and there were no "tags" on them that you would get from the Greeter when you entered the store. David, the AP guy, I guess saw that I was nervous and stepped in asking her what door she came in and a few other questions, in the process he calls the other gal who works as AP and she comes over. They end up taking the woman to the security room and I don't see her for at least 45 mins to an hour, then the police show up and next thing you know she's being taken out in hand cuffs. I guess they ended up showing her the tape, which showed that she had stuffed the stuff but didn't scan it, and all that. So yes, I caught my first "perp"....haha.... *pats self on back*


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